Sunday, 23 August 2015

A Hummer in the Sun

Bovingdon (BMT): Almost 30°C yesterday with blazing sunshine. I got lucky with the/a Hummingbird Hawk-moth briefly coming to the Buddleja at the Brickworks again. Managed to get 6x the shutter speed possible last Thursday, which still isn’t fast enough but about as good as I can get with my equipment. Decided the image worked better with the Hawk-moth “colour popped”. In the afternoon, another (or the same) Hawk-moth was feeding on Buddleja elsewhere on site.

6 Painted Ladies yesterday, all around the same Buddleja and all new except one which had lingered from the previous day.


  1. What a shot!! Beautiful detail.I agree that the colour popping works very effectively here. Nicely done. From ARF.

  2. Great finds Lucy! Sorry for lack of activity, busy as ever and now looking for a new car as mine has died! Speak soon, cheers, Martin

    1. Hi Martin, oh no! Life without a car is really tricky. I hope you can find a suitable bargain asap. From our last catch up, it sounded like it had been another superb season at Maple Lodge. I will look forward to hearing the latest in due course! Good luck with the car :o).