Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Tuesday Teaser Too: Memories of Summer

Ok, so, last week I failed spectacularly to fulfil my intentions for the Tuesday Teaser. My little bit of fun - a brief distraction from the wind and rain and unrelenting gloom - turned out to be downright impossible. I created a monster only the brave or good-hearted would approach, whilst the majority inspected from a safe distance and then quietly (and very sensibly) retreated. With the benefit of hindsight, and hoping to spread a bit of winter cheer, I thought I’d rustle up a second helping of the Tuesday Teaser. I can’t guarantee that it’s any less monstrous than last week but I have tried. I’ve also included a little something for the Lepidopterists amongst us...

Another impenetrable beast or a tame pussy cat..?

Three photos

A moth. A bird. A butterfly

All were seen in Hertfordshire this summer

Can you name the species from the thumbnail showing only part of the whole?

Comments can be left anonymously. Extra points for early entry. An extra clue given after 3 entries.

Results on Saturday folks!

EDIT: Sorry….make that, results on Sunday folks!


  1. I don't know moths very well!

    1) Quaker

    2) Lesser whitethroat

    3) Brown argus

  2. Thanks for giving it a go, Si - much appreciated. I suspect I've created another monster. To compensate, I'll reveal that all IDs are still up for grabs.

  3. Hmm.
    The Birds I always struggle with so here goes.

    1. Epiblema uddmanniana
    2. Spotted Flycatcher
    3. Brown Argus


  4. Hi Ben, I’m glad my last Teaser didn’t put you off for life ;o). Thanks for diving in again.

    Si and Ben have grabbed themselves 3 and 2 points respectively, for being quick off the mark. 1 point remaining for the 3rd comments box entry. After that, I’ll give another clue if any of the IDs are still outstanding. Anyone else fancy a go?