Monday, 16 March 2015

A Cracking Crow

Hemel (BMT): I stopped in briefly at the Gadespring Cress Beds this morning and came upon a Crow (see arrow above) alternating between breaking up vegetation and making movements and noises which seemed to suggest it was cracking its neck vertebrae(?!?). I walked to within a few metres of the bird and took some hand-held video footage. However, I've no idea what to make of it and would welcome any comments on the behaviour.

The sound quality of the clip isn't great but listen for the crunching/cracking sound as the bird elongates its neck and then ripples its head up and down. Weird…

A Chiffchaff was singing at the west end of the reserve and a Fox was prowling around the ringing area.


  1. I've already had a comment from a friend suggesting the bird may not be cracking its vertebrae but simply using that movement to produce the odd sound….

  2. Thats different! Never heard anything like that. No idea what it's about.