Thursday, 5 March 2015

Coming Soon: Waders!

Hemel (BMT): I popped in at the Gadespring Cress Beds this morning, whilst out and about. The Trust is developing a new scrape to attract wading birds (yes, you did hear me correctly - waders in Hemel Hempstead - possibly, probably, hopefully. Only time will tell, I guess). Along with the new scrape, there’ll be a swanky new bird hide and the site will be made good for public access. The work is coming along a treat and the excitement is palpable. Above the sound of diggers, I could hear a couple of Kingfishers having a right old barney along the Bulbourne. I wonder if one of last year’s adults has returned and is making his/her presence known.

Other birds of note along the moors east of Old Fishery Lane: Little Egret (2+); Kingfisher (2); Grey Wagtail (1+).

Fields north of Grovehill: Still large flock of Yellowhammers (25+) with Redwing (35+); Fieldfare (15+), Starlings (200+) & Meadow Pipits (heard frequently in the area) all feeding on grazed field.

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  1. Great egret shot! I saw 2 in the trees along the canal by the moor, they seem to be increasing every year.