Monday, 30 March 2015

An evening stroll

Hemel (BMT): After a day of wind and rain yesterday, I took a late afternoon/early evening stroll around Westbrook Hay. Walking up through Dellfield, I could hear a couple of Mistle Thrushes singing. On into Hay Wood and near the pond there’s an area of woodland which is often good for little birds. Perhaps there’s something about the mix and density of trees here which is particularly enticing. Anyway, there was a female Great Spotted Woodpecker, high up. I could hear 3 Goldcrests singing. A Nuthatch. A couple of male Chaffinches singing and at least 3 Great Tits also singing loudly.

Out onto Preston Hill and there were 3 Green Woodpeckers probing the newly softened ground. One pair, which were together, and another single bird. Over Bovingdon Reach, as light rain was blown hard into my face, and on into Ramacre Wood. There, I could hear a Song Thrush and Blackbird seemingly having a sing off. I heard another Nuthatch and more Great Tits chiming out.

As I came to return over Bovingdon Reach, the bank of thick cloud had passed through at last. The scene of the solitary Horse Chestnut was too good to resist and the blustery walk back to the car gave me the chance to dry off.

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