Thursday 11 February 2016

Killer Squirrel: the end of Robin Redbreast

Warning: not for the squeamish or lovers of Robins

I can’t say I feel a million dollars today but I did fancy sharing a garden drama from earlier this week. Tuesday morning, there I was, standing by the kettle, waiting for my first cup of tea of the day, when out of the corner of my eye, Something was happening in the garden. Still slow with sleep, I turned to take a look. A squirrel emerged from the undergrowth and proceeded to manhandle a meaty looking prize. Aww, how sweet, it’s found some burnt toast, I thought. But wait, nope, there’s orange on it….what on earth?! Surely not….flipping heck, it’s only gone and killed a Robin! Mr butter-wouldn’t-melt Nutkin must have employed stealth and cunning, clawed the Robin from the top of the back fence and finished it off on the ground. He proceeded to carry his plunder to the Honeysuckle trellis podium, where he proudly plucked and tore at its lifeless body. Nothing like a bit of death and carnage before breakfast. Anyway, I’d never seen a squirrel kill or eat a bird before, so, thought it worth a blog post. I’m hoping the Robin wasn’t my midnight singer but I fear the worst, unfortunately.

The video was shot in 4K. To watch it at the best resolution, press play and then click on the cog in the right lower corner, select Quality and choose 2160p 4K

P.S. Was woken in the early hours of this morning by a "singing" Tawny Owl. Spring advances...

Monday 1 February 2016

In the shallows

Sunshine on the rippling surface of the River Bulbourne transformed plain pebbles into an ever changing, flickering canvas of colours and kinks. Totally mesmerising.